Contact Us offers several ways Yuma area businesses can advertise their businesses or business special events to several thousand visiters each month.
If you have a special event or sale for your business, we offer day ads. Day ads shown near the top of the Home Page show your business name, event dates, and brief details. This will link to a page with more details or can link to a page on your web site. This ad can run for one or several days.
The Business Directory Search can be upgraded from the basic listing with a discription and keyword upgrade to aid visitors to find information about your business. If you have a web site, you can get a link to it from the Business Search and Usefull Links pages.
The banner ads at the top of each page is the most effective option. Banners are rotated in a random order, and start with a random banner when a visitor arrives, then cycles through all banners every 20 seconds, or changes when going to a new page. All banners get the same amount of exposure. The banner ads are shown tens of thousands of times each month, giving your business a lot of exposure. The banner ad option includes the Business Directory upgrade. is now also Small Town Web Design, known for developing quality web sites at reasonable prices. For more information contact us at
For non profit organizations, churches and fundraising events, the Home Page Yuma Area Events section can list your events for free. To get your fund raising or other public event listed click here and fill out and submit the form. If you have a flyer, you can leave a copy of it at Yuma Business Connection, tell them it is for
Businesses with a Yuma address and phone number all get a free listing in the Business Directory, this includes: name, address, phone number, fax number and a brief description of the business. To add or update your Business Directory listing click here.

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